As winter creeps in, streetwear producers go big on the Labels this week. Winter is getting colder and the labels are getting Bigger. Its the time of year, the time for oversized hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, and cool styling ideas for oversized pieces. We need to keep up on all the fall/winter esstials coming our way dear Hype Beasts! Lets take a look at a few of the trendiest 13 drops this week. 

A Few of the Biggest Items to look at this week were the Supreme X Akira Collaboration drop. It created a huge buzz for Supreme Heavyweight beasts. In terms of Supreme’s Drop 11 items, this week sees two outwear jackets, a glitch camo long-sleeve tee forest-imprinted basic tee/ briefs, and finally a set of colorful caps. All these items sold out in less than 5 minutes.

It gets even better! As BAPE has released a 1ST CAMO Tech collection for the season. The items consists of hooded coats, coach jackets as well as a set of pants all swathed in BAPE’s signature camo. Bape keeps on going stronger week by week, keeping heavyweight Bape Customers on the go. 

Palace had its last drop of the season this year with the coolest items in store!This week’s most hyped items included the Pinnacle Puffa jacket, especially the yellow and black colorways, as well as the graphic “Getting Higher” Hoodie and the white long-sleeve vertical weave polo. With the last hit, These items kept fans intrigued to see whats coming up next season for Palace. 

Winter creeps in, the weather gets colder, and hypebeasts rule the season dresscode! 

Selected Products!

SUPREME X AKIRA Arm Hooded Sweatshirt

Supreme x Akira Hooded Sweatshirt sold in less than 3 minutes!

Supreme x Akira Neyo - Tokyo Black Tee

Neyo - Tokyo Black tee was among the most trendiest items from supreme's drop!


1st Camo Wide Full Zip Hoodie Now in stores!


From Palace's last drop, winter gets colder, and the coolest items are released!